NextDoor Project creates choreographic stage art in the intersection between reality and staging.
When documentary meets artistic mediation and interpretation it creates a space in which we can identify ourselves with the reality seen from other perspectives than our own.

We bring the performing arts out in touch with a diverse group of people and engage in the meeting between audience and artists/artwork as a dynamic and mutual experience. Audience relation is for us so much more than 'sold tickets', - it is at the essence of art, to meet, reflect and create ressonance across (and in spite of) social and cultural divisions. To identify ourselves with life from new angles. We meet politic through intimacy and the contemporary society through the authentic.


Choreographer Ingrid Tranum Velásquez is artistic leader of NextDoor Project and creates with an investigative approach to choreography and the content, matter and format of the performative event. Her aristic praxis is based on fieldwork and the creation of nomadic strategies. To work with nomadic formats and koncepts secures an extensive perspective, that prioritize the thorough artistic research and investigation, instead of a fixation on the seperate product.

We have since 2015 a.o. investigated the old body with the project Happy End - an artistic investigation of old age in the nordic countries (, 
and affilation and sense of belonging with See you, Rafiq-e-man!, -about refugee children, Tekeraoi am mananga! -a choreographic mass migration about climate change and Herfra min verden går, - a portrait of a young asylum seeker.

To work with nomadic strategies also means developing a methodic praxis and knowledge in an art proces, that enables us to move the artwork to new surroundings and interact with local contexts, in a constant dynamic exploration and development of the artworks potential. 

NextDoor Project has recieved support from The Danish Arts Council for most of our rpoductions and projects and was in 2012 nominated for a Reumert with 'Paolo & Money' in the category of children/ and youth performance of the year.
NextDoor Project is on a daily basis established at frederiksberg, where we have a small rehearsal space and office.

Allan Klie (chairman), Mie Brandt (vice chairman)
Boardmembers: Niels Righolt, Torkild Lindebjerg, Lene Diemer and Pernille Frahm.

Artistic leader: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Administrator: Peter Manscher
Accountant: John Gottenborg Bruum
PR & Communication: Karen Toftegaard Aps