- researcjproject about decolonization in artistic practice


The project visited in autumn 2018:
Daiddadallú (Kautokeino), Samovarteatret (Kirkeness), Hermetikken Næringshage (Tana), Small Projects Gallery (Tromsø).

Upcoming dates:
8.-12.april - Residency at Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo
15.may -
Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia / National theatre in Nuuk
28.may - Teknisk Museum in Oslo

Colonialism has been the tool of imperialism to create boundaries between people and making way for global capitalism. Also in the Nordic countries, we have traded bodies and divided families and countries. Mutually and across continents. 
But the Nordic colonialism is alarmingly absent in Scandinavias self-image today.
How do we shake over 500 years of colonialism?
Is it so ingrained i our cultural DNA that we unconsciously reproduce its stories?

We investigate the infected borderland between past and present, the historical body and the personal body. We enter cautiously. We trample on. It's tense. Sensitive. Shamefully.
It is personal, no matter what. Objectivity does not exist.
We are all involved.

Based on both personal and academic stories, we explore with local audiece groups the potential for performing arts to open the grace, touch upon the scars and create new ground from which decolonization can grow.
Who has the right to tell whose story? Which
shame is rightfully ours?

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