Staging: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Scenography: Sille Dons Heltoft
Music: Henriette Groth
Choreography: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez in collaboration with the performers.
Light design: Jeppe Volkmann
Builder: Steen Mols
Consultant: Ernesto Piga Carbone

On stage: Frej Stenholdt Mortensen, Christian Issa, Joudi Tahhan, Henriette Groth


How does it feel when machineguns thunders outside your own frontdoor? What do you do when your parents are frightened? What happens when you are forced to leave your home, family, friends and all you know and escape alone to a foreign country? What dreams keep you alive? Which memories give you strength to go forward?
See you, Rafiq-e-man! is a documentary performance about refugee children.

He is 11 years old. He arrived in Denmark 5 years ago. A war started where he lived. He had to escape to survive. He reached Denmark. He lived at the asylum center for 5 years. It was here he meet Rafiq-e-man.
Now Rafiq is gone too. They sent him back and nobody has heard from him since.
Before Rafiq left he swore he would come back to him. It is a long time ago now...
But maybe....maybe today will be the day Rafiq returns?

In the intersection between reality and fiction, the fictive story and the young refugee children/youths authentic stories of war, dreams and life in an asylumcentre creates an impetus for eachother in a constant flow between documentary and fiction. The audience close interaction wih the piece, invites them further into a reality that otherwise can be difficult to understand if you are brought up safely in a peaceful country and never have known war.




The production is supported by: The Danish Arts Council, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Augustinusfonden, Sonningfonden, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg.