- chapters of a new generation

We are involunterily born into the roles.
We learn how to avoid the unwanted lines and practice the art of silence.
The chapter has been closed in the school books.
But does it represent the reality for Nordic youth today?

"Unfinished tales" is an artistic study and archiving of colonialisms body-cultural heritage and presence among Nordic youth today.
In collaboration with young people between 13-18 years, we examine the potential of artistic practice to convey the historys hidden chapters.
We focus the narrative on the emotional heritage of colonialism and write historys new chapters, in a research work that re-think how we can activate cultural-historical knowledge and place the bodys somatic archive in the main role.

As unwritten pages in the history books and black holes in the conscience, we keep the practice of colonialism alive through silence.
But the seperation of families, friends and neighbours, the conquest and exploitation of cultures under the pretext of civilization, is not forgotten by deleting the chapters. 
We need the courage to give place to the untold tales in the writing of history.


NextDoor Project launches the first season of the 3 year artistic project in 2019/2020 in collaboration with the artists:

Ingrid Tranum Velásquez (DK), Alexander Montgomery Andersen (GL), Elle Soffe Henriksen (Sapmi/NO), Camara Lundestad Joof (NO), Kuratorisk Aktion (DK), Annika NIlsson (SE), Henriette Groth (DK).
- and young people between the age of 13-18 from Norway, Greenland and Denmark.

Collaborating theatres: Samovarteatret (NO), Den Mangfaldige Scenen (NO), Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia / Nationalteatret i Nuuk (GL) og Riddersalen (DK).

the project is supported by: