NextDoor Project creates choreographic art in the intersection between reality, interpretation and staging.
We are passionate about research and thrive on experimenting with new formats, content and audience relations. We explore, question and develop the conventions and the convenient.

We create choreographic art for both children, youth and adults and our work unfold on many differents stages and places, from theatres to old peoples homes, through streets and city landscapes, asylum centres, schools and kindergartens.

We meet politic through intimacy and the contemporary society through documentary.

We bring choreographic practice in touch with a diverse group of people and explore the artistic relation, participation and audience relations.
We explore the mutual meeting that creates ressonance and reflection across and in spite of social and cultural divisions. We challenge the meeting between
documentary and artistic mediation where a new space can emerge in which we can identify ourselves with reality from new angles.


Choreographer Ingrid Tranum Velásquez is artistic leader of NextDoor Project and is in her artistic practice interested in the artistic relation and how choreography can create physical empathy and reciprocity in the encounter between art and audience. Her practice is based on fieldwork and the creation of nomadic formats and strategies. To work with nomadic formats and concepts ensures an extensive perspective, that prioritize the thorough artistic research and investigation and hightens the artistic quality and the footprint of art in society.

Research areas:
The old body - since 2015 we have investigated old age in the nordic countries with the project Happy End - an artistic investigation of old age in the nordic countries. Read more here:

Affilation and sense of belonging - has been explored from different angles in See you, Rafiq-e-man! (2014), -about refugee children, Tekeraoi am mananga(2017)! -a choreographic mass migration about climate change, From where I stand (2018), - a portrait of a young asylum seeker and lately in HOME (current/under creation) an interactive investigation of the term 'home' with children in kindergartens in collaboratuon with MYKA.

Colonialism - investigated in the works; Unfinished Tales, COLONY and VI ER NORDEN (current/in development).

NextDoor Project regularly receives support for their projects from The Danish Arts Council, Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordic Culture Point a.o.
In 2012 'Paolo & Money' was nominated a Danish Performing Arts Award as children/ and youth performance of the year.

NextDoor Project is on a daily basis established at frederiksberg, where we have rehearsal space and office.

Allan Klie (chairman), Mie Brandt (vice chairman)
Boardmembers: Niels Righolt, Torkild Lindebjerg, Lene Diemer and Pernille Frahm.

Artistic leader: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Accountant: John Gottenborg Bruum
PR & Communication: Karen Toftegaard Aps