NextDoor Project creates choreografic art based on documentary and relational formats.

Our artistic practice is founded in nomadic strategies travelling to connect with the citizens through relational formats and art-interventions, with co-creation at its centre.

Since 2012 NextDoor Project has developed new formats for citizen involvement, with focus on equal and mutual meetings between citizens, artists and artwork.

We produce in both local, national, nordic and global collaborations, meeting people where they are;
asylumcentres, nursing homes, theatres, flodded basements, streets, schools, daycare institutions, parks, museums, galleries, townhalls, libraries and community houses.

NextDoor Projects artistic profile is lead by choreographer, dancer and director Ingrid Tranum Velásquez.

Current works;

Happy End
- the art-intervention Happy End is created in collaboration between professional dancers and nursing homes residents.
Happy End has travelled in Greenland, Island, Faroe Islands, Åland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and is documented by swedish filmmaker Engeli Broberg in the socio-poetic film "Happy End", as well as by the danish photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen, who have travelled with the work around the Nordics (read more at
In 2021 NextDoor Project started collaborating with Arctic University of Tromsø and Artful Dementia Research Lab, researching the artistic practice developed in Happy End and the mutual and equal relations unfolded in the work. 

VI ER NORDEN (WE ARE THE NORDICS) - a decolonizing ritual with, by and for the nordic population. 
- VI ER NORDEN travels the many colonial and post-colonial terrains of the Nordics, facilitating through a performative situation the local debate about decolonization.
In a sensuous and co-creative space, we search for a decomposition of the inherited choreographies, forming the outline of a new landscape.

Unfinished Tales
- a 4 year cross-atlantic project investigating the bodily and emotional heritage of nordic colonialism.
Unfinished Tales is created in collaboration between artists and youth from Kallaalit Nunaat (Greenland), Førøyar (Faroe Islands), Ísland (Iceland), Norge (Norway), Sverige/Sapmi (Sweden/Sapmi), Finland/Sapmi, Ghana, Ay Ay (St Croix) and Danmark (Denmark).
Through embodiment, choreography, film and performance, we travel the vulnerable landscapes of the colonial body. In a shared room fusioning live and online streaming, we facilitate relations, dialogues and sense of community between youth in the 9 countries. Across borders and inherited social choreographies, we investigate and express the emotional archives of the body and our collective memories.

The bird experience
- The bird experience is a cross-european work. With pivotal point in a big black bird figure, we travel to local communities facilitating with poetic realism stories of grief of both children, youth, adults and elders.

Smaller than dust
- A choreographed soundwalk and poetic manifestation of childrens experiences during the pandemic. The performance is created in collaboration with children 6-15 years old and a dialogue material for children and their adults is developed in collaboration with Børns Vilkår.

NextDoor Project is financed through project support from a.o.
Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Culture Fund, Danish Arts Council, Norwegian Arts Council, Creative Europe, international and municipal collaborators and private funds.

Valdemarsgade 16
1665 København V

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Board: Allan Klie (chairman), Mie Brandt (deputy chair woman)
Board members: Niels Righolt, Pernille Frahm
Accountant: John Gottenborg Bruun