Composer and musician in Paolo & Money

Jørgen is composer, soundartist, guitarist and projectmaker -

he has played since end 1970's where he started with no wave/punk
jazz in Wadudu Magic and danish dub-reggae in Tredie Tilstand. Additionally he performed in performance-dance-theatre /
video-dance until middle of the 90‘s.

From this point on he became very active as a composer, musician and concept developer in collaboration with danish dancers and choreographers in dance-theatre, -performance and childrentheatre, a.o. 
Tim Feldman, Kenneth Kreutzmann, Anders Christiansen, Lene Boel,
Stuart Lynch, Isnel da Silveira Co. (Frankrig), Anne Katrine Kallmoes,
Signe Andersen, Malene Hertz, Ole Birger Hansen, Ari Rosenzweig,
Yvette Bozsik (Ungarn), Nicolaj Jespersen, E.K.K.O., Klara Elenius,
THE MOB, Tiziana Fracchiolla, Wubkje Kuindersma and Ingrid Tranum

His music moves in the field between electro-acustic / digital musicforms and rhythmic electric and acustic guitars, soundscapes and voice. 
His work with drone and microtonality has led him to “tuning of the day”, noise-rock and weird songwriting. This, he has investigated in collaborations with David Thomas and foreigners, Capote, BOST-X, 21st Guitars and the last 13 years with his own band Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs and solo with MULD RAGA and Static Teller.

In 2005-06 he completed a Master in electronic music at Det Jyske