Musician, composer

Anne is autodidactic musician and composer. She started playing guitar and sing as 13 year old, and with 15 years to play the violin. Her first steps into the world of music was in folk music, but since then she has explored a broad variety of genres. Anne has been a professional musician since 1982 and has composed music for many dance- and theatreperformances a.o. for Corona La Balance /ZeBu, Camilla Stage, Anders Christiansen, Isnel Da Silvera, Tim Feldman and Bo Madvig. Anne has released the album 'Let antændelig' with interpretations of Cornelis songs, been studio musician for a.o. Nils Skousen, Burning Red Ivanhoe, Kenneth Thordal, Gary Potter (UK), T.S.Høegh, Scooter Lee (USA), Hans Sydow a.o. She is also playing in the movies 'Max' and 'Max Pinlig'.
Anne has additionally been teaching since 1976 and been director of the concerthouse Stengade 30 for 8 years. The use of loop and livesamples, echomachines and wauw wauw pedal with the violin has become a trademark for Annes music.Additionally to playing the violin, Anne also plays a broad variety of other string instruments, percussions and sings.

Collaborating artist in: Tekeraoi am mananga! and Paolo & Money