Siri Broch Johansen is a sami writer, playwright and singer from Tana in Finnmark.
Johansen had her playwright debut in 2009 with the play "Eatnanspáppastallan" and has since written a.o. "Samenes aften / odne lea du vuorru", ČSV-republihkka, Gurut guvlui Heahtás, Márkomeanu 2118. Her MA-project, Sabmie Ovttastuvvon Siiddat, toured northern-Norway and finnish side in 2018-19. As a writer she has a.o. published the youth novel Jeg er en skiløper, a biography about the sami pioneer Elsa Laula Renberg and the essay book Breve til kommisjonen / Reivvet kommišuvdnii.
Siri has also translated/re-written selected songs by Leonard Cohen into norhern sami and has been awarded Samerådets litteraturpris 2012 and 2016. 

Collaborating artist in: Koloni