Choreographer, dancer, auteur, artistic director in NextDoor Project.

Ingrid is educated at London Contemporary Dance School at The Place, England and auteur from Scenekunstens Udviklingscenter, Denmark.
Ingrid has for the last 10 years focused her choreographic work around documentary and relational works, for both children, youth and adults.
She has an investigative approach towards the performative events matter, form and content. She explores in her work choreographic methods to mediate authentic stories, and the potential of audience co-creation and relations, investigatiing the performative events potential to facilitate meetings between divisions in society, -local as well as global.
Ingrids works are often characterized by multi-annual nomadic and rhizomatic strategies, prioritizing the artistic investigation.
Her works has toured nationally and internationally since 2003.
As a dancer she has worked with a.o. Wunderverk, Corona La Balance/ZeBu, Solas dance company and Eske Holm.
Ingrid has received many recognitions for her choreographic work a.o. working grants from the Danish Arts Council (2014,2016,2020), Choreographers Grant from the Actors Union (2010), Ballemester Gaubiers Legat (2020). Her work Paolo&Money was also nominated a Danish Performing Arts award (2012).