The danceperformance Barbara, had premiere at the worldexhibition in Zaragoza i the summer 2008. Barbara is a faroese-danish production created in collaboration between danish choreographer Ingrid Tranum Velásquez and faroese composer Trondur Bogason. 
The work toured the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Denmark in 2009. 

Barbara is based on the novel by Jørgen Frantz Jacobsen from 1938, and actualizes in a modern context the story's conflict between impulse and calculation, sense and sensibility, the 'big brother' society and the private. 
We investigate perceptions of the hidden rules, norms and moral of a society, and how these agreements includes and excludes.

In form the work investigates the clash of reality arising when live projection invites the audience to follow the path of one specific performer outside the building as well as later on stage, confronting the audience with two different perceptions of the same moment.  

"Those who did not see the danceperformance Barbara, missed a big experience of great artistic quality"
Uddrag af Beate L. Samuelsens anmeldelse, Tysdagur 22.september 2009, Innanlands (oversat fra færøsk)

Choreographer: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Composer: Trondur Bogason
Conductor: Gorm Larsen
1.cast: Peter Fønss, Christian From, Yessiqa Lövbrand, Ingrid Tranum
2. cast: Peter Fønss, Christian From, Tina Møller, Ingrid Tranum
Voices: Vokalensemblet Mpiri

The production is supported by:
Nordic Culture Fund, Nordens Hus on Faroe Islands, Skuespillerforbundets Blankbåndsmidler, Dronning Margrethe & Prins Henriks Fond, Simons Spies Fonden, Mentanargrunnur Landsins, Den Færøske Komponistforening Felagid Føroysk Tonaskøld, EXPO, Tuborg Fondet, Fjølrit, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg, Dansk-Færøsk Kulturfond, Torshavns Council.