Happy End will come to Roskilde in spring 2021 in collaboration with Åben Dans

Happy End is an artistic investigation that has been staged in elder peoples residencies across the nordic countries, a.o. Slottet & Aftensolen (Copenhagen, DK), Soltún (Reykjavik, IS), Tjanargardur & Laargardur (Tórshavn, FO), Käpyrinne (Helsinki, FI), Heracleum (Tromsø, NO), Alderdomshjemmet (Qeqertarsuaq, GL), Oasen (Jomala, AX), Gläntan (Kiruna, SE), Acaciegården (Frederiksberg, DK)

The elderly is one of the population groups increasing most rapidly in the Nordic countries. Meanwhile we desperately tribute eternal youth and cover up all signs of aging on our bodies. Our fear of decay, aids, wringles and death are marginalizing the elders in society, and makes us strangers to the interaction and communication with old bodies.

Happy End challenges with poetic realism borders between staging and reality when nursing home residents express their experiences of aging and in collaboration with the dancers transform this to movement and dance. In an honest portrait of aging and decay the audience are brought close to the old body's physicality, longings and memories.
Together we create a performance based on dance and dialogue and facilitate a meeting between the residents and their surrounding local community through the performative event.
The scene is set in the nursing home and the local citizens are invited inside to an artistic meeting with their own elders. With the residents experiences in focus, we create a confidential and inclusive community of elders, dancers and audience, where realities, expectations and imaginations can meet.

The project is followed by swedish documentarist Engeli Broberg and by danish photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen, who created an exhibition touring nursing homes in the Nordic Countries.
Follow the journey of the project here: happyendproject.dk
View examples of Per Mortens photos here

Artistic leader and staging: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Music: Trondur Bogason
Scenography: Icelandic Love Corporation
Choreography: Ingrid Tranum Velásquez in collaboration with the performers.
On stage: Nursing home residents from the Nordic Countries and dancers Anette Asp Christensen, Christian From, Kristina Sørensen Ougaard, Frej stenholt Mortensen & Ingrid Tranum Velásquez

The production is supported by:

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