Project postponed due to corona. Continues in 2022                                                                                                                                                       Fotos watch here

VI ER NORDEN is the creation of a decolonizing ritual with, by and for the nordic population.

Also in the nordic countries did we trade human bodies across continents.
Also in the nordic countries did we divide families and countries in rge name of civilization.
Also in the nordic countries did we forbid language and cultural practice, and removed children for race biological research.
And we learned to handle the collective scar tissue with silence.
Daily we overhard the postcolonial traumas of Greenland and Faroe Islands, close our eyes for the disturbingly present colonization of Sápmi and reproduce the social positionings of te transatlantic slave trade.

VI ER NORDEN is the decomposition of the inherited choreographies of colonialism.
An invitation to let yourself be heard. A test of our willingness to chance.
The work travel through the different colonial and postcolonial terrains of the Nordic Countries and make itself available as a performative situation in the local debate out decolonization.

VI ER NORDEN is a nordic production between danish choreographer and dancer Ingrid Tranum Velásquez, norwegian/gambian playwright and performer Camara Lundestad Joof, Sami/Finish visual artist and experimental activist Stina Aletta Aikio, greenlandic poet Aka Niviana and faroese composer Trondur Bogason.

VI ER NORDEN will in 2020/2021 a.o. places be created at: Nynorskens Hus in Oslo (NO), Nunatta Isiginnartitsisarfia / National theatre of Greenland in Nuuk (GL), University of Rowaniemi (FI), Siida - the national museum of the Finnish Sami in Inari (FI),  Northern Sustainable Futures in Moskotel (SE).

The pre-project KOLONI, supported by The Danish Arts Council, the Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Council of Ministers visited in 2018:
Daiddadallú (Kautokeino), Samovarteatret (Kirkeness), Hermetikken Næringshage (Tana), Small Projects Gallery (Tromsø)

In 2019 VI ER NORDEN had residency at Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo and Teknisk Museum in Oslo.
The project is supported by: