How do we navigate our bodies through a pandemic? When our movements is a question of life and death?

NextDoor Project began in may 2020 collecting the daily choreographies of the public. In the format of audiofiles on mobiles the participants document their daily choreographies through the public spaces.
The gathering of public choreographies will continue until august 2020. Please write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to participate!

From the audiofiles we will create a series of performances to be experienced in public spaces from august - december 2020. Through headphones and audiofiles downloaded to the mobiles of the individual audience we will meet in an intense collective room. A moment of intimate shared experience in the middle of the collective isolation
. Through the audio we step close to the bodies we observe at distance. Together & apart we live through the emotionel movements of the pandemic.

The audience is guided through the choreographic narratives both as participating bodies and as observing audiences. With poetic realism we reentact the daily choreographies of us all, fushioning the movements of the body and the mind.
With the present urban spaces as stage we perform Together & apart on selected urban locations nationwide between august - december 2020.

As a prologue the material will be gathered in an online archive which through audio-choreographic material document the  bodily and emotional movements of the COVID19 pandemic.