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Overgrown history is everywhere
Why do I know so little?
It feels like I have empty hand, no tools, a world of knowledge, but everything is in the dark
I hope nothing bad happens today, but it is ofcourse not good, what happened in the past
It is not past, it is still here
We must continue talking, so that everyone can see, we are all one people
(quotes from youth aged 13-18 years, in first season of the cross-atlantic collaboration Unfinished Tales)

The Nordics has long met the painful scar tissue of colonialism with silence. But silence does not delete 500 years of practice. And silence does not heal trauma.
How is it being young in the wake of colonialism? Having to find your identity between the unwritten pages of history books and black holes in the collective consciousness?

The nordic colonialism is an unfinished tale. Scar tissue of the past stretches into the everyday life of youth today, making the mindset of colonialism an unsettling present matter. It is a tale composed by many voices. In the installation 'Unfinished Tales - a collective story' they meet in a raw and poetic archive of the emotional heritage and collective memories of nordic colonialism.

The researchproject 'Unfinished Tales' (2019-2021) was a cross-atlantic project investigating the bodily, cultural an emotional heritage of nordic colonialism in collaboration between artists and youth from Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), Førøyar (Faroe Islands), Ísland (Iceland), Norge (Norway), Sverige (Sweden)/Sapmi, Finland/Sapmi, Ghana, Ay Ay (St Croix) and Danmark (Denmark). 9 short movies were created in collaboration between the choreographers and local youth from Nuuk, Accra, Ay Ay, Skellefteå, Inari, Tórshavn, Reykjavik, Oslo and Copenhagen. Under the title "Descendants" the youth expressed though movements and words their experience of nordic colonialism as it presents itself in their bodies and minds today. Parallel to this work, the choreographers engaged in a series of inter-relational portraits - the "Ghost coffee sessions" - exploring identity, representation and sense of belonging within the artistic group.

The material for the installation of "Unfinished tales -a collective story" is selected by a curator team of 18 youths, invited from among the participants in 2019-2021. The selected material is staged by the artistic team, the choreographers guiding in couples the audience through the installation, where film, movement, texts, sound and objects will be unfolded and animated in collaboration between audience and performers.


Unfinished Tales is created in collaoration with:

The artists:
Artistic director, choreographer and dancer Ingrid Tranum Velásquez (DK), playwright Camara Joof (NO/GM), choreographer and dancer Alexander Montgomery (GL), choreographer and dancer Jon Werede Hope (NO), choreographer and dancer Marit Shirin Corolasdottir (Sapmi/SE), choreographer and dancer Nii-tete yartey (GH), choreographer and dancer Heli Huovinen (Sapmi/FI), choreographer and dancer Justin F Kennedy (St. Croix), choreographer and dancer Ásrún Mágnusdóttir(IS), choreographer and dancer Katya Nielsen (FO), videoartist Stina Aletta Aikio (Sapmi/FI), scenographer Annika Nilsson (SE), composer Henriette Groth (DK)

The institutions: Den Mangfaldige Scenen (NO), Teatret ZeBu (DK), NOYAM (GH), Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia / The National Theatre of Greenland (GL), Tjodpallur (FO), Northern Sustainable Futures (SE), CCT Theater (St Croix).

-And youth aged 13-18 year old from Nuuk, Torshavn, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Ay Ay (St.Croix), Accra, Oslo, Skellefteå and Inari.

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                       Den Mangfaldige Scenen