Where do you come from? I mean where do you come from originally? Can you hand me the skincoloured one?

The youth of the nordic countries daily navigate their bodies through the social positionings and hierarchies of colonialism. Stuck between the individual, the collective and the historical, they will always represent something more  than just themselves. How does youth unfold in the wakes of nordic colonialism? How do you find your identity between the unwritten pages in the history books and the black holes in the collective conscience? 
In Unfinished Tales we give voice to the body. The body as products of colonialist practice. The body as a site for individual and collective  memory.  The body as archive for colonialisms inherited choreographies.
In collaboration with youth aged 13-18 years from the Nordic Countries, Virgin Islands and Ghana, we investigate in a 3-year artwork, the bodily cultural heritage of nordic colonialism.
Through embodiment, choreography, film and performance, we travel into the vulnerable landscape of the colonial bodies, through the disturbing steps of nordic colonial history, and finally archive the visual, choreographic, written and auditive material in an installation format that tour educational institutions.

The 3 year project is created in collaoration with:
The artists:
Playwright and performer Camara Joof (NO/GM), choreographer and dancer Alexander Montgomery (GL), choreographer and dancer Stina Ravdna Lorås (Sapmi/NO), choreographer and dancer Ingrid Tranum Velásquez (DK), Marit Shirin Corolasdottir (Sapmi/SE), Auri Ahola (Sapmi/Fi), Justin F Kennedy (Jomfruøerne/Berlin), Ásrún Mágnusdóttir (IS), filmartist Stina Aletta Aikio (Sapmi/FI), Kuratorisk Aktion / Frederikke Hansen (DK) og Mirjam Joensen (FO), scenographer Annika Nilsson (SE), composer Henriette Groth (DK)
The institutions:
Den Mangfaldige Scenen (NO), Riddersalen (DK) og Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia / The National Theatre of Greenland (GL)
- and youth aged 13-18 year from Greenland, Sapmi, Faroe Islands, Ghana, Virgin Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The project is supported by:  

                       Den Mangfaldige Scenen