Age: 4-6 year olds
Length: 60 min


Choreographer & dancer Ingrid Tranum Velásquez
Scenorapher and designer: Sofie Fribo Østergaard

Can everything be made into dance? Even your left sock, your sisters rabbit, your grandfathers pipe or a teaspoon? Yes, of course! 

The children bring each one object they would like to enter the magic suitcase that will help us investigate the dancing story hiding inside each item.

We explore with the children an immense diversity of movement possibilities, with inspiration from each of the childrens objects and create scenographic spaces around the movements, to experience how the mood of the space and the movements mutually inspire eachother.

-Everybody brings one object for the suitcase. Remember it must be a size that is possible to carry inside a suitcase. But if you do wish to bring an airplane, just bring a small one, for it is forms, figures, funktion and materials we are inspired by, so a small airplane is as good as a realsize one:-)


Inspiration can be found everywhere! There is movement, forms and figures everywhere, when first you have opened your eyes and mind for it.
Dance is not only to be found in TV programs and music videos, but is also all the movement ideas that arises inside you, when you are inspired. Here are no rules for right and wrong steps,  but an invitation to invent, explore and investigate new ways of moving and dancing. We make room for the children to research and unfold the diversity of dance and their ideas and explorations shapes the workshop.


 Video concept, camera and edit: Steven Tannenberg